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Melancholy Grace
When I was watching Draw With Jazza's character design sessions,I got inspired to draw a person.Since I'm currently watching Black Butler as well,I decided to have a Victorian-esque lady.I researched the basics of Victorian Era fashion,and I randomly came up with this.Hope you like it. :)
Dark Empress Kitana Progress Update 6/12/16
I started drawing this probably,what,a year ago?And I was in-and-out of drawing this since then.But when I got my (amazing) watercolour paints,I couldn't resist painting over my initial sketch.I will finish this one day,but until then,enjoy this!I will also post a comparison to the original picture.
Hre's the link to the comparison:…
This was drawn by hand in pencil,outlined with a fine pigment liner and painted (yet again,by hand) using watercolour paint.

EDIT: Don't trust me to finish this.I likely never will,since I move on to other drawings/projects sooner than you can say 'change'.

Kitana and her Dark Empress costume belong to NetherRealm Studios.
Progress on Night Fury Digital Painting-5/12/16
I drew this Night Fury by hand,scanned the picture and painted over it in Manga Studio 5.As of now,I focused on the facial features,but I will move on to the rest of the body.With me being new to digital art,this will take a really long time to complete,but I will post these progress updates every now and then whenever I can.Just,bare with me,ok?

EDIT: OK NEVERMIND I'M NEVER FINISHING THIS.Manga Studio 5 can't save separate layers,and my file closed on accident when the computer was switched off,so now I can't edit the layer I drew the head details on.Oh well.If anyone wants the scetched lineart for this,feel free to ask,and I'll give you it as long as I receive credit.

Hope you like it,and please give me suggestions on improvements in the comments! :)

The Night Fury species belong to Dreamworks Studios.
Birthday Card for my BFF
This is the birthday card for a good friend of mine,Holly.She loves Pokemon and Overwatch,so I drew two of her favourite characters from each (D.Va and Xerneas).I'm pretty proud of this,especially since she really liked it.
This was sketched in pencil,went over in fine liner and painted in watercolours.

D.Va belongs to Blizzard Entertainment.
Xerneas belongs to Game Freak.
YAAAAY I finally have a profile picture that I drew!

Personally,I hate it when people's OCs have Night Furies.I have personally done it before,but now I have learnt my lesson.Having an exotic or rare dragon is ok,as long as it's not too extravagant and well explained.If you're really desperate for your character to have a Night Fury or another super-rare dragon,please make it believable.Toothless is the only known Night Fury,so it wouldn't make a lot of sense if your OC has one and isn't a complete foreigner that has probably come from the other end of the world.Of course,there are a few reasons as to why your character would have one,for instance,in the future,if Hiccup found another Night Fury and Toothless bred with it and your OC was one of the lucky few to get one of the babies.

Also,if your OC's dragon has overly-unusual markings that aren't normal for their species (such as a Night Fury having blue fur that glows or a Gronckle having poisonous green spikes) please,fix it;most dragons have to survive out in the wild,so having traits that decrease its chances of survival don't make sense.For example,if a Night Fury (whose scales are specifically dark for it to blend in with the night sky) has bright colours on it,then it wouldn't be able to camouflage,so it would have a high chance of getting killed.

Lastly,making your own dragon is perfectly fine,as long as it is well explained and not over-powered.Release your creativity,but make sure it is realistic!

If you need a guide to creating your own HTTYD OC,I personally found this website quite helpful,despite me being used to balancing my OC's.

Love y'all as always!
Keep being you!


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